Alliance Life Sciences Launches New Pricentric™ Portal: Robust Data Services Application Synthesizes Competitive Global Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement Data

Alliance Life Sciences is pleased to announce the launch of a new portal for Pricentric™, a comprehensive data services product that integrates competitive pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement data from multiple global markets. We are offering a free trial of the new portal at:

“Pricentric™ enables our customers to stay ahead of austerity measures across key markets by tracking changes, such as price cuts, margin changes and more,” says Preeti Patel, Vice President, Consulting Services, ALSCG. “This reliable, fully customizable offering – the first of its size and scope — is designed to meet customer needs, providing data coverage spanning over 80 countries, and enabling easy treatment cost comparisons and reimbursement levels for key products by indication or country.”

Pricentric™ provides a robust data source with standardized naming conventions that enable users to easily compare product prices.  Data is standardized using Alliance’s proprietary product classification system to enable easy cross-country comparison at the product and pack level.

Pricentric™ features include:

  • Full range of reimbursement information, including status, prescribing      restrictions, rates and co-payment prices
  • The most current, and historical, exchange rates to facilitate conversions to      standard currencies
  • Flexible data delivery options enable access via PRICENTRIC™ portal, Microsoft or Excel

“Pricentric™ helps users to define an optimal global pricing strategy through the identification of pricing trends in key markets, and monitor responses by competitors to price actions taken for the company’s own products,” adds Patel.  “A team of dedicated experts is available to help with interpreting data, and users can access analysis and modeling exercises, such as pharmaco-economical modeling, analysis, and hospital pay or budget impact, to assist decision-making processes.”

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