The Health Cup Part 2

Health Expenditures

While health expenditures do not always mean better outcomes, in theory the more a country spends on health the healthier its people should be and better athletes should be produced. We decided to see if higher health expenditures as a percentage of GDP are correlated with a better world ranking.

Health Expenditures

Health expenditures as a percentage of GDP show a slight correlation with overall FIFA world rank. An obvious outlier is the United States, which spent nearly 18% of its GDP on health in 2012 for only a 14 world ranking. Without the outlier, there is a noticeable positive correlation in world rankings and health expenditures as a percentage of GDP.

We also looked at health expenditure per capita versus world rankings in the following graph.

Health Expenditures 2

Health expenditures per capita show little correlation and a less pronounced relationship than health expenditures as a percentage of GDP. Again, the US is a noticeable outlier, and so is Switzerland. These two countries spend the most per capita on health and are rewarded with 14 and 8 rankings. On the other end of the spectrum, Australia spends the third most and is ranked a world cup worst 59th.

Overall we expect an exciting World Cup as usual. Below you’ll find some of the Alliance team’s predictions for the winner!


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