To the Cloud Part 1

After another successful ISPOR International meeting we look back at the trends associated with the European and International poster presentations. We also explore the trends in workshops and issue panels.

Comparing the poster presentation word clouds of the European and International meetings, there seemed to be more posters in Montreal centered on diabetes, risk, cancer, and patterns. There was also a significant increase in diabetes studies for the International meeting (9.48%) in comparison with the European meeting (7.33%).

Regulation of healthcare studies saw a significant increase in the International meeting and accounted for 1.60% of all studies compared with only 0.42% in the European meeting.

The workshops and issue panels saw trends around the key words of personalized medicine, risk-sharing and electronic medical records.

Assessing the trends in ISPOR Europe and ISPOR International

Every ISPOR event has a different theme. The 2013 European meeting’s theme was “The Patients and Health Technology Assessment,” and the 2014 International meeting’s was “Big Data.” The real themes of the events, however, were determined by the poster presentations, issue panels and workshops. These items were submitted by people working in the field and showed the actual trends within pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research.

We dissected the titles of all the posters, issue panels and workshops at the 2014 ISPOR International Meeting in Montreal. The image below is a word cloud comprised of all 1,562 poster titles.

All Posters

Image 1

Compared with the word cloud of poster titles from the European meeting in Dublin, there were a lot of the same words such as patients, cost-effectiveness, treatment, analysis, and health. The words that seem to stand out more from the International meeting are diabetes, risk, cancer, and patterns.

In addition to the type of study, we also tracked the disease areas covered by the posters. The sectors and types of study distributions were compared with the European meeting. The sector of the study refers to the disease area or if there is no specific disease area it refers to the focus of the study (research on methods or health care use and policy studies).

Sector Distribution

Image 2

Compared with the European meeting, the International meeting had a more even distribution of sectors. In the European meeting the highest concentration of posters were research on methods posters (14.18%). For the International meeting the highest concentration of posters was in cancer (11.84%).

There was also a significant increase in diabetes studies for the International meeting (9.48%) in comparison with the European meeting (7.33%).

Check out our next blog post to see our look at the types of studies, which included cost studies, PRO studies, clinical outcomes studies, etc.

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