Market Access Survey on Challenges and Key Success Factors

While market access is the ultimate goal for medical device and pharmaceutical companies it remains one of the biggest current and future challenges for the industry. Spiraling R&D and drug development costs around $4-5 billion per a successful drug launch make effective launch planning and implementation more critical than ever to a company’s success.

To uncover the specifics on the challenges and key success factors, Alliance conducted a survey with stakeholders from 38 pharmaceutical companies, each holding positions in pricing, reimbursement, market access, health economics, and policy.  The challenges and key success factors that emerged are depicted below.

picture 1

Picture 2

The key findings from this study are as follows:

  1. Know your customer: You must identify and prioritize your customers. You must understand their values and beliefs. Understand their constraints and limitations. Understand what motivates them to take action.
  2. Develop your evidence: What truly makes an impact on their values and beliefs? What trial design and endpoints will help them move into action? What data design and evaluations best support the evidence? What format should the data be in to be most relevant to them?
  3. Be crystal clear internally on strategy and execution: What is your plan? Who has the experience to execute them? When will they do it? How will they do it? What’s the contingency plan when something goes wrong?

For more information on the specifics around the challenges and key success factors, a white paper is available for download at the following link.

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