Big Spenders Part 2

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Population is not the best variable to control for since Medicare covers the senior population mostly. If there is a state that has a large population of younger people, the per capita Medicare spending may be artificially deflated. Florida seems to present this case here; the per capita Medicare payouts are much higher than average, but Florida has the highest percentage of senior citizens at 17.3% compared with the national average of 13.29%.

To gauge the efficiency of the Medicare funds we plotted the per capita Medicare payout against the percentage of senior citizens (65+) for each state.

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While Florida spent only $10 less per capita than New Jersey, Florida was much more efficient as it had to care for more senior citizens. New Jersey had the worst efficiency as it spent the most per capita while having only .21% more senior citizens than the average state distribution.

Hawaii was a very efficient spender as it had a relatively high distribution of senior citizens compared with the national average (14.3% vs. 13.29%) while spending only $117 per capita, which was the third least amount of any state.

Continued releases of datasets such as this provide a great insight into the efficiency of the United States’ programs.

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