Smaller Pharmcos Can Play in the Big League — And Win!

Key takeaways – and insights — from ePharma’s panel discussion “HCP Multichannel Marketing: at the Intersection of Physician Engagement, Smooth Communication & Smart Selling”



Terri Young, Ph.D., Head, WW Multi-Channel Management Partners, Bristol-Myers Squibb


Eric Rothstein, Executive Director, Customer Channels & Solutions, Merck

Robin Kamen, Senior Director, Digital Strategy, Pfizer

Erik Dalton, Vice President of Operations, Healthcasts

Anne Stroup, Vice President of Strategy, Alliance Life Sciences

You don’t have to cast a big shadow to turn data analytics into improved engagement strategies – and capture increased market share.

With a more nimble, flexible business model than their larger counterparts, small to mid-size companies have the potential to readily scale multichannel marketing and personalize HCP messages to drive business.

If you weren’t able to attend the recent ePharma panel presentation, here are some of the key-insights from top industry thought leaders. Essentially, smaller pharma may be inherently agile and positioned to advance these strategies more rapidly.

Turn Traditional and Expanded Data Sets into HCP Engagement Strategies

Marketing today is synonymous with data analytics. There is an unprecedented amount of customer data that can help build out personalized HCP communications creating a customized experience. However, with respect to the management of this data, without quick reflexes and agile technology, customer-centric strategies will fail to activate or reach full potential.

Deeper customer insights is the key to unlocking:

  • Behavioral and attitudinal trends
  • The value that a customer can bring to your brand
  • The customer’s  receptivity to your each component of your value proposition
  • Relevant content that keeps the customer engaged with your brand
  • The most optimal promotional mix

Evolved HCP Multichannel Marketing Focuses on the Customer’s Needs

As we have learned from other industries, brand loyalty results when a value-based relationship is developed between a customer and the brand.  Integrated multichannel marketing is evolving from a promotional campaign to a dialogue that builds into a relationship.

In order to establish and grow a relationship, the brand must both understand and act upon the customer’s needs. This means delivering the content they want, when and how they choose to receive it.  Content must be appropriate to their immediate need and accessible on-demand through multiple channels.  In addition to a deep understanding, this requires planning, expanded content, and the technology infrastructure to support customer focused engagement.  It is a different model than the product based push campaigns we have become accustom to.

Yes, the Rep IS Part of the Multichannel Marketing Strategy.

Channel Mix Modeling allows marketers to segment engagement strategies by the presence and depth of the field reps based on the HCP’s value.  Integrating all channels and selecting content based on previous interaction creates a cohesive customer experience.  With recent adoption of approved mail, reps can expand their relationship with physicians.  And brands can supplement rep generated interactions with incremental, relevant content.  When the rep and physician relationship is not firmly established, the integrated multichannel approach offers interaction options.    Creating this cohesive customer experience is about QUICKLY managing all the channels in real-time and a non-overlapping way.

Creating personalized customer experiences of the likes Amazon has with their customers requires agile data management, technology AND staff with quick reflexes. It’s important to evaluate your staff and systems with this in mind. If you don’t have the right parts and pieces in place, look for partners who can provide the industry experience, the big ideas, data management and the technology needed to build real physician and customer engagement.

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