Holiday Hearts: ‘Tis the Season to Give


This holiday season, Alliance Life Sciences is playing Santa!

Organized through the YWCA in Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, the Holiday Hearts program is about making a small difference in the lives of children who need it most.

Alliance took the wish lists of eight underprivileged children, ages 6-11, and purchased everything each child requested — three needs and three wants. Through the program, Alliance also provided grocery gift cards to the children’s families as a way to make the season brighter.

Here’s to a new tradition that we hope will inspire others to reach out to those who could use a helping hand or some good cheer.

Happy Holidays!

The World in Your Hands: Global Pricing Data Gives Pharmcos a Much-Needed Edge

Pharma companies are under a lot of pressure these days. In the war to gain a competitive advantage, they have to be careful not to fall into price gouging, while grappling with an array of other obstacles: biosimilars, price erosion, international reference pricing and an ever-evolving marketplace.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the application of international reference pricing and its influence on pricing mechanisms across the globe, especially in the wake of its adoption by countries across Europe and also Canada, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand and other countries.

How can pharmcos actively and efficiently analyze trends, and determine how the market will react when competing products are approved or launched? Seems impossible, but the tools to do just that are within your grasp. It’s all about leveraging pricing data and using it to identify competitive threats and trends, especially for smaller companies looking for an edge over Big Pharma.

By using a high-quality, robust global pricing solution, pharmcos can optimize their pricing strategy based upon an in-depth understanding of how the global markets work, map international reference rules and define an optimal launch order when marketing a new medication. 

Smarter decision-making tools also enable pharmcos to gain better insights around treatment costs for prevalent diseases. Consider a cost-of-treatment analysis as a way to identify the most effective treatment approach for the same disease. You need the power to analyze key factors, such as unit price, age, weight, patient compliance and treatment duration.

Alliance Life Science offers a high-quality, robust global data solution:

  • Accuracy through expert review
  • Flexibility in data configurability and integration that can be customized to exact needs
  • Freshness, with updates up to five to eight weeks faster than other solution providers
  • Coverage, ranking high in country coverage when benchmarked against the competition
  • Quick and easy access to competitor drug-price information across 80+ markets

Having the most up-to-date and accurate information provides a good benchmark for companies, helping them to minimize revenue leakage, develop effective pricing strategies for new drugs, and manage ongoing pricing and reimbursement changes to maximize revenue.

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Wanted: Leaders, Hotshots and Rock Stars

How to get noticed by a talent acquisition team

Attracting talent is a critical factor for every company, and often makes the difference between achieving market success or suffering market failure. As a talent acquisition leader, I spend my day sourcing, attracting and recruiting employees. This means hours of identifying and vetting not simply candidates who are looking for a job, but also drawing in the industry’s best and brightest. Prospective employees aren’t necessarily looking to make a change, but sometimes the better company, with the faster career track, has to go to them.

If you are an up-and-comer in your field, don’t hide your light under a bushel. To get that dream job, you need to do more than keep your resume updated. Here are a few tips that can help raise your profile and catch the eye of a hungry talent acquisition team member:

Develop a Robust Online Presence

LinkedIn – These days, LinkedIn is the go-to site for talent acquisition professionals. Therefore, optimize your LinkedIn profile by keeping it up-to-date with recent projects, new skills and experiences, and glowing testimonials that highlight your achievements and corroborate your qualifications.

You want to pay special attention to experiences and activities that relate to the career you are pursuing. Also, in your summary profile, use strong, descriptive language that is brief but captivating.

Twitter – Twitter has become an important feature in today’s job quest. With Twitter, you can enhance your visibility by tweeting industry insights, posing interesting questions and retweeting key industry thought leaders and influencers. By engaging with the professional community, you can develop a reputation, demonstrate your knowledge of trends, and communicate your insights on important issues that affect the industry.

Write an industry or specialty area blog – This is a great way to develop a name in the industry. You should also follow other bloggers and post insightful, relevant comments that get a conversation going – and help you gain visibility. Think of it as digital networking.

 Old-School Networking

When you step away from the computer and attend industry-related events, you stand a great chance of meeting people who can turbo-charge your career. It’s also an opportunity to signal your involvement and passion for your field, while learning and meeting new people.

Another way to get noticed is to get involved in your community. Most companies like to hire people who take the time to give back. Not only is it the right thing to do, but you also never know who you will meet — and impress — while collecting clothing for the homeless or helping to build a home for an underprivileged family.

With the economy in an upswing, more companies are experiencing significant growth. Achieving their goals will depend on attracting the best of the best. Whether you’re a hotshot or a diamond in the rough, even if you are not actively looking for a new job, you should be thinking strategically about your future.

So You Want To Be A Consultant?

As a consultant for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, I provide strategies on how to effectively manage revenue and improve business processes by optimizing contract strategies, minimizing revenue leakage, and constructing comprehensive reports for more accurate forecasting.

In simpler terms, I help companies streamline costs and become more competitive in an increasingly complex and demanding marketplace. While it’s not easy, it is exciting. The global pharma industry today faces unprecedented market pressures, shrinking pipelines, stiff competition and an unstable regulatory environment.

Like clutch hitters, consultants are called in to make the game-winning decisions. We help companies focus on best practices and outcomes – and develop the best possible business models. Being an effective player in this realm requires motivation, intelligence and insight, but the benefits of working at a consulting company are enormous.

Key Benefit #1: You Are Always Learning – and Teaching

Every new project brings a wealth of new experiences and learning opportunities for a consultant. Unlike the typical routine of day-to-day responsibilities that comprise most industry jobs, a consultant’s responsibilities change from moment-to-moment, guided by the company’s most urgent needs. In the process, you have an opportunity to develop new strategies, apply tried-and-true practices and share expertise. You also gain knowledge across vast areas of the industry at an accelerated pace. Throughout this process, you are constantly finding new ways to leverage your experience across multiple clients to determine the best possible fix or course of action.

Key Benefit #2: You Are the Product

Maybe the greatest part about consulting is that you are able to mold yourself into the product that your client needs the most. Often times working at a large corporation means supporting your employer in a certain field such as finance, operations, human resources, or research and development in order to assure the success of their product.  As a consultant, you are the product!  Your employer’s success depends entirely on how much your clients value you.  They turn to you for advice, and you become an essential factor in their success. It’s a great feeling!

In essence, consultants sell themselves as that invaluable missing piece that could shape a company’s next big break-through. Once they see the results of your critical input, they see you as an indispensable part of the decision-making team.

Why Do Companies Need Consultants?

The best consultants benefit their clients in many ways:

  • extension of their own team
  • go-to resource for problem-solving
  • trusted advisor
  • key strategic partner
  • add value to every initiative

The greatest consultants provide a high-level of contact, execute well, and add tremendous strategic value to projects — and to the overall business. Maybe the most important benefit that consultants can provide is peace of mind.